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Innovazione per lo sviluppo

“Innovazione per lo Sviluppo” is a joint initiative promoted by Fondazione Cariplo, in collaboration with Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione CRT. The initiative has the following objectives:

  • foster the study of action models and pilot projects to test new technology solutions in the area of international cooperation and social innovation;
  • foster the re-use and adaptation of already existing technology products and services in those countries that are targeted by the development initiatives of the Foundations;
  • promote the use of data mining applied to social innovation and international cooperation, fostering a coalition between the actors of international development and the industry;
  • promote a culture of innovation (represented by of digital fabrication labs and makers, start-ups, incubators and research centers) in the areas that are most relevant for the Foundations.

In line with the above goals, the initiative develops around four thematic areas with four pilot projects:

Digital Fabrication


Open innovation — Open Innovation for cooperation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

Data for social innovation and development

ISI Foundation

Training – information – scouting of local innovators

CISV – ONG 2.0, Fondazione OPES